Deluxe Constellation Dice: Spectrum

Created by Gio Lasar Design

************** All orders received after Dec. 14th, 2021 will be shipped in mid January 2022 due to year-end inventory count. Happy Holidays! ************** Extended sets about space and the Apollo missions in new color combinations, including glow-in-the-dark painted dice. All shipments will be mailed from Italy, with an expected transit time of two to six weeks pending customs and destination. Having successfully sent thousands of parcels worldwide, and since international tracked shipping can be much more expensive than the dice you are getting, shipments will be untracked unless agreed beforehand. Shipping fees are based on weight, and are usually under €10 for Europe and USA (ranging from €5 for the smallest packages, to €20 for heavy ones).

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IGNITION! Stretch Goals
over 1 year ago – Sat, Dec 05, 2020 at 12:10:08 AM

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for supporting Constellation Dice: Spectrum!

With all that's happened this year, funding was not a certainty.

One thing is sure, you deserve recognition and... MORE DICE!

This is a one week campaign, so we'll get to the point immediately.

If we reach 200% funding (€7000) all rewards will include valuable extras, such as:

Blood Red HAL d20.01 (tier 01.): one Outer Space d20 (F.)

Crescent d6 couple (tier 02.): one Sapphire Nebula d6 (B.)

Three glowing Crescent d6 (tier 03.): one glowing Moon d12 (C.)

Full Moon d6 couple (tier 04.): one Sapphire Nebula d6 (B.)

Crescent d6 glowing couple (tier 05.): one glowing Moon d12 (C.)

Four Crescent d6 in all colors (tier 06.): one Sky's Edge d6 (D.)

Gold painted Saturn V2 d6 rocket (tier 08.): one gold painted Fake Landing d6 (G.)

Glowing Saturn V2 d6 rocket (tier 09.): one glowing Fake Landing d6 (G.)

9pcs sets and Deluxe collection (tiers one Blood Red HAL d20.01 (A.)

8pcs silver painted sets (tiers 15.16.): one silver painted Space Wars d6 (H.)

8pcs silver / gold painted sets (tiers 15.16.): one gold painted Space Wars d6 (H.)

8pcs glowing sets (tiers 20.21.): one glowing Space Wars d6 (H.)

18pcs sets (tiers 22.23.24.): one Blood Red HAL d20.01 (A.) and one regular Full Moon d6 (E.)

Left: (G.) Fake Landing d6 - Right: (H.) Space Wars d6

How to get there?

You can help! Show your friends this campaign, publish a link on your social media ( or think about upgrading to a more complete reward tier. It would be a small step for you, a giant leap for the campaign :)